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Fair Game Logo

Fair Game Fair Game is not the preserve of just one association but belongs to Shuttlecock sport as a whole. People play to participate and enjoy the game – two considerations that are often more important than winning. Bending the rules and foul play are unsporting and ruin the enjoyment for all involved. The generic concept of fair game is a fundamental part of the game of Shuttlecock. Coaches, players, referees and supporters all have a role in upholding the principles of Fair Game. Fair Game has a fundamental role in sport and there is a need to apply it to all sporting activities.

ISF's Fair Game Campaign is represented by the slogan "My Game is Fair Game".

Ecoflag Movement

ECOFLAG - http://www.ecoflag.com/The Ecoflag is a symbol of the commitment of sports enthusiasts worldwide to the environment. Sports enthusiasts know the importance of the natural ecosystem and its basic products, such as clean air, clean water, and nutritious food, to their health and performance. Many sport organizations, events and athletes are already working in different countries around the world to increase environmental awareness and action in order to protect themselves and their future generations.

The Ecoflag has become the symbol of these actions and serves to unite the individual efforts of these different groups into a global initiative.

Shuttlecock a vigorous physical exercise

Shuttlecock HistoryRecords date Shuttlecock kicking, Ti Jian Zi origin as far back as the Han Dynasty (206BC - 220AD). This game prevailed during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), when shops specializing in shuttlecocks business appeared.

In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), formal competition of shuttlecock kicking was held. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), shuttlecock kicking reached its climax in terms of both making technics and the kicking skills.

Besides, it's convenient to play, for only a very small area is needed to kick the shuttlecock, and it can be practiced just about anywhere and anytime.

1st Italian Open
1st Italian Open

1st Italian Open
1st Italian Open

1st Italian Open
1st Italian Open

1st Italian Open
1st Italian Open

1st Italian Open
1st Italian Open
20th Hungarian Shuttlecock OpenThe official invitation for the 20th Hungarian Shuttlecock Open, just send to the SFE secretariat by the Hungarian organizers.

The Hungarian Shuttlecock association organizes this year the 20th Hungarian Open international shuttlecock tournament from 18th to 21st of July. On the occasion of this jubilee they invite players from all the countries that competed in the last 20 years, in Újszász City Sports Hall (100 kms from Budapest) to compete in men’s and women’s team and men’s and women’s single games. All countries are requested to confirm their participations (indicating events and number of participants) before 15th…
Greek Champions Ceremony 2013 - 2014The end of the season was completed with the official awarding ceremony in the morning of Sunday, December 14, 2014. At 10.30 at John Charalampopoulos, in New Chalcedona which was ready for the big celebration of Greek Shuttlecock, in festive atmosphere, attendees welcomed the President of E.O.P.F. Mr Stavridis Jordan, the Vice President of E.O.P.F, Mr Papavasileiou Spiro, the Public Relations Manager Mr Spyropoulos Christos and Board Members of the Federation, which honored our athletes with their presence.

The ceremony was opened by the man who brought Shuttlecock in Greece, President of E.O.P.F. , Mr.…
National title and 4 medals for the FFC HagenFive medals, including one gold medal, went to the FFC Hagen at the German youth and senior championships in Bochum. Only local rivals Flying Feet Haspe was even more successful and won a total of six medals, including three gold medals.

In the group of the youngst players C-youth Robin Weber of the FFC Hagen was awarded the silver medal behind winner Felix Weyland from Cronenberger BC. B-youth Arne Twer from FFC Hagen safely secured the title ahead of Jonas Holt from TV Lipperode.

Meanwhile Flying Feet Haspe dominated the…
David Zentarra nominated as Sportsman of the YearWith out a doubt the year 2014 was for David Zentarra from FFC Hagen despite some injury-related setbacks an almost perfect super year: with the FFC Hagen he won the German team championship, together with Sven Walter from TV Lipperode he was crowned German double champion again, in the singles he became German vice-champion.

He also won together with Sven Walter the Italian and finished second with the FFC team at the French Open. His personal highlights, however, were undoubtedly the European Championships in Poland, where he not only won silver in the double…
Podopterisi is gaining fansGreek Podopterisi organised this Sunday a free workout for those who wanted to become acquainted with Shuttlecock sport in Nea Chalkidona municipality Sport Hall and the response was great.

More than 40 new players gathered from early in the morning in the stadium granted by the Municipality of Nea Chalkidona for the last 12 years to the Greek Featherball Federation; and had the opportunity to train with the top Greek players for more than 5 hours.

Greek player Chantzis Aristotle said the following after the training was over: it is very nice…
Philipp Münzner No.1 in Germany Winning streak broken: David Zentarra only second in German championship. For the first time since 2010 David Zentarra (FFC Hagen) did not win the German singles championship.

The European champion was after the exertions of the past eight days with the victory at the Italian Open and winning the German double championships far away from his best form. In addition he had muscular problems. Despite that Philipp Münzner proofed to be in perfect shape when he celebrated his victory in this year’s finals. Münzner won 21:14, 12:21, 21:11 and gained his first national title.
FFC Hagen wins German championshipThe Sports Hall of the lippe-vocational college in Lippstadt proved to be a happy hunting ground for the FFC Hagen: On the last of four round match days of the German Bundesliga, the national league, the team with David Zentarra, Stefan Blank and Christopher Zentarra gained the German team championship. In the decisive battle with champion Flying Feet Haspe the FFC trio prevailed 21-15, 21:19 and took the 16th German title for Europe's oldest shuttlecock club.

The FFC benefited from the fact that defending champion Haspe had to played without Marcel Scheffel. who was…
Germany wins the 1st Italian OpenFor the first time in Italy, in the beautiful surroundings of Rome, 50 players from 6 European countries (Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Greece and Hungary ) competed in the 1st Italian Open of Shuttlecock, during the first weekend in November 2014.

This event has been strongly supported by the Italian Federation of Shuttlecock, the F.I.SHU (http://www.fishu.it ) also candidate for organizing the next World Championship in 2015.

Many institutional and commercial partners helped the Italian Shuttlecock Federation to organize this sporting event: the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Rome City…
Official ISF MembersIn compliance with Article 5 of Chapter 2 of the ISF Statues, there shall be only one Member of the ISF from each country or region.

Also stated in Article 3 of the same Chapter any national or regional association which has been recognized as the governing body of the sport of shuttlecock within its country or region by the overall governing body of the sport, if any, of that country or region and whose statutes are not inconsistent with those of the ISF may apply to the ISF to be a Full Member.

Those sport associations without the above mentioned recognition may apply to the ISF to…
1st Official Referees body of ISF The 1st International Shuttlecock Referee Traning Course was completed with great success on July 10th, 2010 in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, south China's Guangdong Province.

35 Top level Referees applied and after a 2 days team training and the official examinations organized by the International Shuttlecock Federation the first ever ISF's Referee Body was formed.

All the succeded Referees received an International-class referee certificate issued by the ISF; that is approved as the highest referee title by the International Shuttlecock Federation, the Shuttlecock Federation of Europe and all the Countries Members of ISF.
The Official Shuttlecock (featherball)The Official Featherball used in the sport of Shuttlecock consists of 4 equal length goose or duck feathers conjoint at a plastic base. It weights approximately 15 grams. The total length of the ball is 15 to 18 cm. The feathers vary in color, usually dyed red yellow, blue or green. However, in competitions the white colored featherball is preferred.

The diameter of the plastic base is 4 cm. 5 to 7 paper or leather washers are placed at the rubber part so to ensure the flexibility and the smooth course of the ball. (At the bottom side of the plastic base there are lumps which assist the contact of the…
History of Shuttlecock SportJianzi (chin.: Jiànzi 毽子), Ti Jianzi (chin.: tījiànzi 踢毽子) or Jianqiu (chin.: jiànqiú 毽球) is a traditional Asian game in which players aim to keep a shuttlecock in the air using their feet and other parts of the body (but not hands, unlike the similar games peteca and indiaca). The game, which goes by many different names, may be rules-based on a court similar to badminton and Volleyball, or be played artistically, among a circle of players in a street or park, with the objective to keep the shuttle 'up' and show off skills.

The first known version of jianzi was in the 5th century BC in China. The name Ti…

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