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Greek Champions Ceremony 2013 - 2014 | Posted on: 12/15/2014

The end of the season was completed with the official awarding ceremony in the morning of Sunday, December 14, 2014. At 10.30 at John Charalampopoulos, in New Chalcedona which was ready for the big celebration of Greek Shuttlecock, in festive atmosphere, attendees welcomed the President of E.O.P.F. Mr Stavridis Jordan, the Vice President of E.O.P.F, Mr Papavasileiou Spiro, the Public Relations Manager Mr Spyropoulos Christos and Board Members of the Federation, which honored our athletes with their presence.

The ceremony was opened by the man who brought Shuttlecock in Greece, President of E.O.P.F. , Mr. Stavridis, who addressed a brief greeting to all attendees thanking the athletes for their participation and the efforts they make to promote the sport. Then he called Mr Papavasileiou, Mr Spyropoulos and Mr Kostopoulos, all Members of the Board, to hand cups, medals and souvenirs to the Winners of Single Men, Single Women, Men Doubles, Women Doubles, Men Group, Women Group and Mixed Doubles. Upon completion and before the proclamation of the Greek champion for the season 2013-2014, the president of the federation, personally thanked the Referee, Mr Delis Costas for his presence and the continuous effort for the correct and fair conduct of competitions and awarded him. Then Stavridis Stelios was awarded, not only as the most valuable player of the year in Greece, but also as the man who tried the hardest of all to help the sport in his most difficult days.

Greek Champions Ceremony 2013 - 2014

Then the International Player of AO Metamorphosis, Stavridis together with Kapatsoulias Panagiotis and Chantzis Aristotelis received another prize from the hands of the Board Members for the effort they have made to promote Greek Shuttlecock abroad for one more time.

Vice President of E.O.P.F., Mr Papavasileiou Spiros sent a short greeting to the three International Players, before the award by saying: The three athletes that are awarded today by unanimous decision of the Administration, represented Greek Shuttlecock and made the other groups of the European Federation remember why Greece is considered a great power in Shuttlecock. Athletes, Stavridis, Kapatsoulias and Chantzis is the reason why today we continue with even greater enthusiasm and mood and they are also the reason that we all feel proud today.

Afterwards, the President Mr. Stavridis called the athletes from Kallithea, Katoikos Panos and Gourgouras Nick and rewarded them for their long and active presence in and out of the court and for their fighting spirit and their noble competition. Completing the circle of awards, the six top teams were called to stand in the center of the pitch. Athletes of Anemos Ilioupolis, Kallithea, Phoenix from Pyrgos, Southern Greece Amaliadas and Metamorphosis greeted the Greek champion for 2013 -2014, the team of Artemida.

The Vice President of the Shuttlecock Federation, Mr Papavasileiou Spyros handed the cup of the Greek Champion to the leader of Loutsa team, Kokkala Lambro in a barrage of applause saying:

"You are the best Shuttlecock team in Greece and I wish you to raise our sport on an even higher level. On behalf of the Greek Shuttlecock Federation, I award you the Cup of the Greek Champion for 2013 -2014. "

Greek Champions Ceremony 2013 - 2014

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