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20th Hungarian Shuttlecock Open | Posted on: 01/14/2015

The official invitation for the 20th Hungarian Shuttlecock Open, just send to the SFE secretariat by the Hungarian organizers.

The Hungarian Shuttlecock association organizes this year the 20th Hungarian Open international shuttlecock tournament from 18th to 21st of July. On the occasion of this jubilee they invite players from all the countries that competed in the last 20 years, in Újszász City Sports Hall (100 kms from Budapest) to compete in men’s and women’s team and men’s and women’s single games. All countries are requested to confirm their participations (indicating events and number of participants) before 15th June 2015. The deadline of final entries with names: 30th June 2015.

Read the full Invitation here:20th Hungarian Open Újszász (Hungary) 18 – 21 July 2015

1. Aims: to promote and popularize shuttlecock, attract new countries

2. Hosted by: Hungarian Shuttlecock Association and Újszászi VVSE (Sportclub of Újszász)

3. Place: Újszász City Sports Hall (100 kms from Budapest) 5052 Újszász, Kossuth street 13.

4. Date: 18 – 21 July 2015

5. Jury: Head: Fehér János jr. Members: Kézér Zsolt, Tóth Roland, Fehér Judit, Harsányi Judit

6. Events: men’s and women’s team | men’s and women’s single

7. Methods: In team event KO system, ranking based on the results of the previous Hungarian Open. Every place will be decided. In single KO system is applied.

8. Participants: The countries can enter teams and single players without limitation.

9. Entry: All countries are requested to confirm their participations (indicating events and number of participants) before 15th June 2015. The deadline of final entries with names: 30th June 2015. Please indicate special meal preferences as well (p.e. vegetarian, diabetes menu).

10. Arrival: 17th July 2015 | Departure: 22nd or 23rd July 2015

11. Expenses: Travel expenses to Újszász shall be borne by the the participants themselves. During the championship Hungarian Shuttlecock Association provides board and lodging for 20 Euros/person/day. The cost contains the entry fee, meal three times per day, lodging, buffet.

12. Awarding: Top 3 teams of each event will be awarded by medals. Each participants will be presented with certificates and T-shirts.

13. Contact: Magyar Lábtoll-labda Szövetség H-5052 Újszász Pf. 29. Hungary

E-mail: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Fehér János
Secretary General of Hungarian Shuttlecock Association
President of the Organising Committee


17th July
Arrival, accommodation
21.00 Technical meeting

18th July

9.00 Opening ceremony (march along the streets)
11.00 Qualifying matches in team events | Men – Sports Hall, Women – Culture House
19.00 Open air concert at the Town Hall and garden party

19th July

9.00 Ranking matches in team events
17.00 Semi finals
18.00 Finals
19.00 Awarding ceremony
21.00 Party at Szász Restaurant

20th July

10.00 Swimming in Szolnok
15.00 Qualifying matches in single events
21.00 Multicultural Show - presentation of the participants (Culture House)

21st July

9.00 Single matches
17.00 Semi finals
18.00 Finals
19.00 Awarding ceremony
20.00 Garden party

22nd July

Excursion or departures

23rd July

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