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1st Official Referees body of ISF | Posted on: 07/10/2010

The 1st International Shuttlecock Referee Traning Course was completed with great success on July 10th, 2010 in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, south China's Guangdong Province.

35 Top level Referees applied and after a 2 days team training and the official examinations organized by the International Shuttlecock Federation the first ever ISF's Referee Body was formed.

All the succeded Referees received an International-class referee certificate issued by the ISF; that is approved as the highest referee title by the International Shuttlecock Federation, the Shuttlecock Federation of Europe and all the Countries Members of ISF. The 1st Official Referees body of ISF

Chief Referee Mr. Qiu Habxiang from China
Deputy Chief Referee Mr. Li Chunheng from China
Deputy Chief Referee Mr. Yu Sitai from China

International Referees

Mr. Zheng Zhi Wei from China
Mrs. Zhao Li Min from China
Mr. Mai Xian Fa from China
Mr. Zhao Zhong Hua from China
Mrs. Liu Wen Yi from China
Mr. Cao Yanqiu from China
Mr Terzopoulos Konstantinos from Greece
Mr. Jhon Meri from Indonesia
Mr. Mac Xuan Tung from Vietnam
Mr. Chen Shuo from China
Mr. Zhang Di from China
Mr. Huan Bin from China
Mr. Zhang Fen Yu from China
Mrs. Zhang Zhen from China
Mr. Li Guo Zhong from China
Mr. Zhang Li Chao from China
Mrs. Sun Hong from China
Mr. Zhang Jinqi from China
Mr. Luo Jia Wei from China
Mr. Wu Xin Ming from China
Mrs. Long Ming from China
Mr. Liu Jun Bo from China
Mr. M. Arul Prakash from India
Mr. Sirajl from Indonesia
Mr. Mao Hua Chun from China
Mrs Huang Xiao Zhen from China
Mr. Duan Zhong Yong from China
Mrs. Zhang Wei Xia from China
Mr. Wang You Sheng from China
Mr. Xie Rong Hua from China
Mr. Zhang Jun from China

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